Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Cookies 2014

The girls spent the night and made cookies.

By Anna Aspnes
Holiday Template Album 4
ArtPlay Sugar
Sugar Wordart 1
By Brandy Murry
Autumn Jewel (Red bow)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Aaron, KK and Sydney Christmas Eve 2014

FotoBlendz Overlay 6 by Anna Aspnes
Xmas by Natalie Designs

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Aaron Turning 14

By Anna Aspnes
Artsy Layered Template 160
ArtPlay Splash (background paper)
ArtPlay Vivacity (transfers)
ArtPlay Anew (overlays)
ArtPlay Star (transfers)
ArtPlay Wish (charm)
ArtPlay Frozen (leaves)
Light Wordart1

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas 2003

My eldest grandson at 3, he just turned 14.  My, the years just are flying by….

Everything by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Anew
ArtPlay Star
ArtPlay Evergreen
Beaded Threadz 2
Evergreen MM Winter1
Melange FotoBlendz1

Sunday, December 7, 2014

2015 Calendar Topper - November

2015 Calendar Topper - November
Yeah I'm finished.....eldest son and family

Everything by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Wilderness ...
Autumn Template (modified)

2015 Calendar Topper - September

2015 Calendar Topper - September
I created this as a layout earlier this year and modified it to make it a calendar topper.....Second to eldest daughter with her family.

Everything by Anna Aspens
Autumn Template Album No 1D
ArtPlay Frozen
ArtPlay Hope (pink beads)

2015 Calendar Topper - January

2015 Calendar Topper – January
Almost done....eldest daughter with her family.

Calendar template by Brady Murry
Everything Else by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Summer Days
ArtPlay Shine
ArtPlay Serenity (gold glitter)
Artplay Sugar (textures)
Loop da Loop

215 Calendar Topper - April

2015 Calendar Topper –May – My granddaughter Corynn
I'm on a roll only 3 more pages to go....hoping to finish today to take advantage of shutterfly's 50% off.

Everything by Anna Aspnes
Autumn Template Autumn (frames)
ArtPlay Radient
ArtPlay Cherish

2015 Calendar Topper - July

2015 Calendar Topper – July - My grandson Jacob

Everything by Anna Aspnes
12X12 Edge Overlay 5
Autumn Template (modified)
ArtPlay Together

Saturday, December 6, 2014

2015 Calendar Topper - March

My grandson Lucas  - I changed the original March topper and decided on an August spot.
2015 Calendar Topper – March

By Anna Aspnes
Art Play Across the Miles
Artplay Glance
Urban Stitchez 8
By Rosey Posey
Only Natural
Blended Memories Album 1 (Modified)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

2015 Calendar Topper - February

My granddaughter Kaitlyn

By Anna Aspnes
Watercolor Template modified
Artplay Vivacity
Artplay Care (Charm)
Urban Threadz 5
February wordart by Brandy Murry

2015 Calendar Topper - October

My granddaughter Risa in the pumpkin patch

By Anna Aspnes
Autumn Template modified
Artplay Autumn Elegance
Artplay Tinge (leaf charm)

October wordart by Brandy Murry

Friday, November 28, 2014

2015 Calendar Topper - May

2015 Calendar Topper - May - Granddaughter Sydney

Everything by Anna Aspnes
Artplay Hope
Holiday Template

2015 Calendar Topper - August

2015 Calendar Topper for March, grandson Eli.

by Anna Aspnes
Watercolor template 1
ArtPlay Autumn Elegance (background paper)
Artplay Autumn Soul (button)
Urban Stitchez 8

August wordart by Brandy Murry

2015 Calendar Topper - December

I'm working on my 2015 Calendar toppers.  This one is for my December page.  My oldest grandson Aaron.

By Anna Aspnes
Artplay Merry Tree
Watercolor Template (used the fotoblendz element)
Urban Threadz 1

By Brandy Murry
2014 Calendar (Dec. wordart)

Sunday, November 23, 2014


My grandson Quentin and his mom in 2010, baking cookies.

Everything by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Sugar
Holiday Template 4B page #10

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Watch Me Soar

Start of my weight loss program….Watch me soar!


All by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Enamored
Self WordArt 2
Numbered Overlays2

Eli and Lucas do halloween

By Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Autumn Elegance
ArtPlay Frozen
ArtPlay Vintage Halloween
Sparkle Edge Overlays 1
ArtPlay Harvest

By Brandy Murry
BG Blenders 4
Bewitched 2

The end process was to do a composite of all the layers by Ctrl/Shift Alt E to flatten layers without losing the layers below.  I applied a gradient map color called Picasso inspired, it's a lavender color, I changed the opacity to about 22.  This really made the color in the page pop.


I Promise

To help me focus on losing weight I found this awesome promise on the internet, I will look at it everyday and repeat it to myself to help inspire me to stay on my diet and live healthier. 

Color Challenge –Nov. 7th
Everything by Anna Aspnes
12 X 12 Overlay 5
Taped Numbers 1
ArtPlay Enamored
ArtPlay Cherish
ArtPlay Vintage Summer
ArtPlay Siblings
Watercolor Punctuation
Urban Stitchez Leaves 1

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Grandkids set 3 of Halloween

My goal was to have each set of grandkids (siblings) on the same page.  This one was challenging because of the coloring of each photo.  I'm still not pleased with it, but for now I''m calling it done.

Anna Aspnes
Watercolor template album No. 1
Artplay Harvest
Artplay Frozen
Artplay Revel

Dawn Inskip

Brandy Murry
Bewitched (Bat Banner)


Another set of grandchildren….


Anna Aspnes
Watercolor template album No. 1C
Artplay Autumn Elegance
Artplay Harvest
Artplay Frozen

Dawn Inskip

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Carving Memories

My granddaughters Kaitlyn and Sydney carving out the pumpkins.

Anna Aspnes
Artsy Layered Template #167
Autumn Elegants (background paper)
Vintage Halloween (various elements and transfers)

Alpha used for word “OUT” in kit Wander by Rosey Posey

Simply Glamorous (used a stroke to thicken font) used on word “carving”
Mom’s Typewriter used on word “memories”

Process:  I started with Artsy Template #167 and turned off everything but the frames and masks to add photos.  Added photos, they were a bit bright so I darkened them by using the blend mode "multiply" and adjusted the opacity so the photos were not too dark.  I added the background paper that was best suited to the coloring of the photos, added the title and various elements.  I did end up turning on some of the template layers that I thought would add to the layout.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Go Team

The teams real name is The Smokes, but they are having a softball tournament this weekend and could wear halloween costumes....I was wondering how they would pull that one off....this is what they came up with....

ArtPlay Artsy by Anna Aspnes
Template 83B (used only the arrow frames on top of the template...)

Wordart Family

Here is the title wordart I created for Risa's page.  Just click on it and save to your folder.  Please comment and let me know if you download this.  Thanks!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Risa's Family

My granddaughter with her mom and dad….


Everything by Anna Aspens

Autumn Template Album No 1D
Artplay Frozen
ArtPlay Hope (pink beads)

Process:  I pretty much recolored must items to fit the pictures, either by using color styles or gradients.  I removed the title and the additional text box.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cutest Pumpkin

Granddaughter Risa at the pumpkin patch...

Everything by Anna Aspnes
Artplay Autumn Elegance
Artplay Tinge

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Some of my grandkids at the pumpkin patch....

Autumn Template Album 1B
Artplay Elegance
MultiMedia Branches 4

Saturday, September 27, 2014

1st Day of Preschool

Lukas started pre-school, as in everyday life he is full of life and into everything.  Look out world here comes Lukas, I mean trouble.

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtsyLayered Template 161
ArtPlay Cultivate
ArtPlay Why Not _Word Transfer2
Stained Edge Overlays2
Preserve Word Transfers1
Multimedia Read No 1
Artplay Escape
Artplay Natural Instinct
Urban Stitchez Sunshine 1
ArtPlay Knowledge (pen tip element)
ArtPlay Crazy Life (staple)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Grandkids all 9 of them

By Anna Aspnes

Baby Template 1A
Artplay Radiant
ArtPlay Breath (background paper)
ArtPlay Natural Instinct (Brush2)

Spring Cluster by Natali Designs

Monday, September 15, 2014

Memories of Grandma

My sister and I at my grandma’s house.  I don’t have many pictures of my childhood so this is very precious to me.  When I look at it, it brings back memories of wonderful times at grandma’s house.
I have many found memories of my times at grandma's house. I remember her teaching me to crochet, and playing games with me such as Pokeno and monopoly.  I remember she grew her own mint in her garden and made me her famous mint tea.  She's gone now, but she left me a heritage full of fun, laughter and a feeling of being loved! 
Always and Forever Grandma!

Urban Stitchez2 by Anna Aspnes
Nobodys Fool Template by Southern Serenity
Rust & Roses by Raspberry Roads Designs
Discovery (lace) by Rosey Posey
Dinner Party by Brandy Murray (tie plaid)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Road Less Traveled

Sometimes the fear of the unknown has us paralyzed and unable to choose the path we must follow.  The path to the right many have taken, it’s known, it’s easy, it’s safe and we know what awaits us at the end of it.   But is it really the best for us, does it allow us to explore to grow?  The left has not been taken by many, we struggle to go through the overgrowth, we stumble and fall, but we find that the end result we have grown, we have grown stronger and because of that we know what we want and who we are.

Which road would you choose?????

Everything by Anna Aspnes
Artplay Autumn Soul
Urban Stitchez Leaves 1
Artplay Joyful (Splatter)
Artplay Across the Miles (Splatter)
Artplay Vintage Halloween (transfer)
Artplay Harvest (Button, transfer, Brush)
Artplay Thnkful Heart (brush)
Distressed Frames 2 (resized)
Stained Edge Overlays 2
LoopDeLoop Art Strokes 5
Urban Stitchez 8
Melange Foto Blendz 1

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Art is where the heart is

Everything by Anna Aspnes
Artplay Artsy **New**
Create Wordart No 1 **New**
MultiMedia Art No 1 **New**

Monday, September 1, 2014

I Remember When

For the Challenge No.2 - PROMPT (September 2014)

The September prompt brought to mind this conversation I had with my daughter when she was about 4.

When Stef was 4 yrs old she overheard me and a group of ladies discussing how far back we could remember things I had shared with the group that I remember vividly the morning we left Germany and came to the States. I must have been about 5 yrs. old. I didn't realize Stef had been paying attention to what we were discussing, but apparently she had been, because all of a sudden she said: "I remember when I was a seed in your tummy. "I said "Wow that really is far back." Stef said "Yes it is." I asked her "What was it like?' and she said "It warm and dark?"

Everything by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Vintage Halloween Vivacity (ribbon recolored)
Acrylic AlphaNumber Set No 1
FotoInspired Double Template 76 (frame, staple and Fotomask)
Moments wordart no 1

Summer Sunset

AnnaLIFT 8.30.14 - 9.5.14
Thank you Ikdavis for the wonderful inspiration piece.

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Wonderful
Watercolor FotoBlendz 3
FotoBlendz Overlays 5
ArtPlay Beach (Sand2 overlay)
Distressed Frames 2
Urban Stitchez 2
Warm Glows 3
SeaSprinklez 1
MultiMedia Christmas Trees 2 (used splatter)
Artplay Bask (edge overlay)

Process:  Chose paper from Artplay wonderful, placed photo were I wanted it and clipped to fotoBlendez Overlay 5, I  attached a mask and used a brush to soften the edges on the right.  Duplicate photo and place under fotoblendez, under photo place Water color foto blendez 3, play with it so it overlaps the original fotoblendez used.  Duplicate photo one more time, place under second fotoblendez, under photo use photoblendez 3 for the second time, adjust by narrowing and move towards the right side to overlap original fotoblendez change opacity to about 16%.  Added distressed frame and narrowed it to become rectangle.  Added various elements, such as WarmGlow to enhance the sunset – changed to overlay mode with 54% opacity.  Added the shells and toned them down to fit the muted tones by using gradient adjustment layer and lowering the opacity to about 12%.  Rest of elements and transfers used as is or lowered opacity a bit.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Smores Anyone?

I just couldn't resist doing the August copy cat challenge, love that angled template....

For Oscraps August Copy Cat Challenge

Template by Timounette

By Anna Aspnes
Artplay Vivacity
Artplay Sweet Pea

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anna Lift 8-23-14

This is for the Anna Challenge 8/23/14 – 8-29-14.  Thank you alemap for the inspiration.

Artplay Revel
Foto Inspired Edge Templates 4
Jazzed UP LoopDaLoops No 4
Framed FotoBlendz 1
FotoBlendz Overlays 6
Wordart Love No 4
Urban Stitchez Frames 1
Urban Stitchez 8

A Childs Trust

My granddaughter Sydney in 2008.

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Breath
Tissue Textures 5
Urban Stitchez 8
Distressed Frames 2
ArtPlay Across The Miles (button)
ArtPlay Why Not (heart Transfer)
Punched Words 1
ArtPlay Flourish (String)
ArtPlay Loved (arrow recolored)
Watercolor Foto Blendz 3
Watercolor Foto Blendz 1
Framed FotoBlendez No 1
Scissored Hearts 2

Process:  Clipped photos to clipping masks, adjusted masks to better fit photos.  Added transfers, elements and journaling.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Daily Bread

Some days are exceptionally trying, but we just need to slow down and take a moment to thank God for all the blessings He has given us, and to trust that He will always meet our needs…..Just believe and trust that He will provide our daily bread and more…..

Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Breath
****Coming Soon****
Breath Wordart
****Coming Soon****
Stained Edge Overlays 2
ArtPlay Knowledge (ribbon)
Urban Stitchez 6

Misc. items
Block Alpha by Jen Ulasiewicz (retired)

Process:  Chose background to best fit the pallet of the photo.  Used the transfer as a mask to clip the photo on.  Duplicated the photo 2X original layer I used the blend mode Soft light, 2nd layer Vivid blending mode at 35% opacity, top layer Soft light at 45% opacity.  Added various elements to finish off the layout.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Risa 10 months

Everything by Anna Aspnes

Watercolor Template Album No 1C
ArtPlay Revel – background paper
Urban Threadz No 5
Baby Template Album No 1F
***Coming Soon***
Acrylic AlphaNumber Set No 1

Process:  Replaced the mask in the watercolor template with one from the baby template as well as used the wordart for a softer effect.  Placed photos and elements and finished off with journaling.

Santa Cruz for my birthday

Jim surprised me with an outing to Santa Cruz for my birthday….we had a great time.

Everything by Anna Aspnes

FotoInspired Double Template No 75
ArtPlay Revel – background paper
ArtPlay Sea Life
ArtsyKardz Beach MultiPack
Urban Stitchez Misc.
Watercolor Shells 1
ArtPlay Ocean Cove

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Turning 60

Everything by Anna Aspnes

Artplay Revel
ArtsyKardz Revel Multipak
***Coming soon
Artsy Layered Template No 157
Celebrate Wordart
Multimedia Banners No 1

Process:  I used the template, but disabled some of the layers to simplify the background a bit.  Used the Color overlay function on some layers and transfers were attached to others.  The photo is untouched and used as it came out of my camera.  I didn’t really have two photos that were good enough to use so on the second photo frame I used one of the ArtsyKardz to add some texture and color.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Artplay Knowledge – coming soon
Book Textures No 1 – coming soon
Knowledge Wordart No 1 – coming soon
Urban Stitchez No 6
FotoBlendz Overlays 4

Photo by FaeStock

Process:  Clipped photo to mask, added brush (knowledge definition) masked it and used grungy brush to grunge it up a bit.  Copied and placed in several areas to add a bit of dimension.  Added elements and text to finish it.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


By Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Flourish
WaterColor Foto Blendz 5
Artsy Layered Template No 155
Artplay Vintage Summer
MuliMedia Branches No 2

Pictures are from “Seeds” I get emails from them that show some awesome pallet color combinations.  I just had to use these this time ….welllllll because as you know I LOOOOOOVE PURPLE.

Process:  I placed my photos and cropped them to fit the frames.  The salmon color rose I tweaked a bit by adding a gradient map and also Hue and Saturation to make the tones fit better with my beloved purples.  Anna always has paint, transfers in her template that you can color by adding additional transfers to them.  Some I added a color overlay filter (love this filter) and others I added various Anna overlays to add color.  I finished it by adding a focal point with my branch, lavender and button elements.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Cherish This

By Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Flourish
ArtPlay Bask (Edge Overlay)
Hipster Plumes 31
Skinny Lined Overlays
WaterColor Foto Blendz 5
Urban Stitchez 6

By Natalie Designs
Wordart Weather

Process:  Used Florabella actions to make photo pop and clipped it to watercolor mask.  Added various elements to finish it up.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Make Lemonade

My granddaughter Kaitlyn and her cousin.  She loves anything sour, looking at this picture makes my mouth pucker and water…..

Everything by Anna Aspnes
Vintage Summer
WaterColor Foto Blendz 3
Sparkle Edge Overlay 1
Stained Skribble Summer 2
UrbanThreadz No 5
Vintage Summer No 1

Process:  I used an action by Florabella Luxe called Mademoiselle on my photo to make it pop.  I clipped the photo to the watercolor FotoBlendz. The photo of the lemons I got from the web extracted it and added a shadow.  Created a Lemonade label using the stroke function and added additions text and elements to finish my layout.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Risa's Pieces

Baby Template Album No 1B
ArtPlay Sweet Pea (lace)
ArtPlay Why Not

Process:  The photos needed some work on them since they were taken on an iphone and not good quality.  In order to have a more uniform look I lighten some of them to match the lighting of the others.  I duplicated and used the Screen mode, some I lowered the opacity because they were too bright.  One of the photo’s was really grainy and I used some steps to soften it a bit (instructions coming soon).  I then changed them to BW and used the gradient map on the photos to get a more unified tone.  Once that was done I added my elements and journaling.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


One of my favorite pictures of my granddaughter Kaitlyn and her dad.

ArtPlay Moments
Jazzed Up LoopDaLoops 4
FotoBlendz Overlay 6
SparkleEdge Overlay 1
Process:  Started with the paperie for a background, added the FotoBlendz mask to the area I wanted to place my photo.  I clipped my photo to it, adjusted the mask by pulling the horizontal areas to show more of the photo.  Added the loopdaloop below the mask because I only wanted the outer areas to frame my photo.  I added the wordart, elements and a few splatters.  One thing I did do with one of the brushes is add a stroke (size 1) because I wanted it to be a bit bolder.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Risa 7-4-14

I know the photos are blurry, I tried to fix them as best I can.  Although they are still a bit blurry I just had to scrap these pictures anyway.  Such personality.

Everything by Anna Aspnes
Love WordArt No 4
ArtPlay Joyful
ArtPlay Cultivate
WaterColor  Template Album1C pg 11