Sunday, March 30, 2014


Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Wonderful
Melange FotoBlend
Tissue Texture No 4
Sparkle Edge Overlays No !
ArtPlay Blossom
ArtPlay Bask
Different Strokes No 9
Stitched by Anna White 4
Font for Tulip (Scriptina)

Process:  I first chose my photo, placed it in the center of my page.  Added the FotoBlend and clipped my photo to it.  I then added artsy paper #2.  Moved my photo around to fit it on the page to best showcase it.  I decided I wanted more of the tulip edge to show so I went to the FotoBlend layer, used a black brush at 50% opacity and painted some black in, since the photo is clipped to it, it added some more of the flower to the mask.  Below the mask layer I started to add some transfers to build more of the watercolor effect I wanted to achieve.  Right above the background layer I added the tissue texture to add more interest to the paper.  Above all the layers I added my embellishmennts (splats, stitches, buttoms and wreath.)  Finishing with the wordart from Artplay blossom and the Title.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Routine
ArtPlay Enamored
FotoBlendz Overlay 6
ArtPlay Happy Life (silver heart overlay)
Artplay Harvest (splatter)
ArtPlay Viaggio (frame)
ArtPlay Snapshot (copper string – recolored)
ArtPlay Bask (edge overlay)
ArtPlay Crazy Life (overlay)

Process:  I need to lighten my photo a bit, so I duplicated it and used screen mode,  using one of the artplay routine papers I added the FotoBlendz mask and clipped my photo to it.  I added the title and used a rough brush to grunge it up a bit.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Littest Angel

ArtPlay Spring Due
MultiMedia Branches No. 3
Flower Overlays No. 2
FotoBlendz Overlays No. 6
ArtPlay Destiny (heart ribbon)

Process:  Duplicated background paper and set to Multiply Blend mode.  Add Photo Blendz, clip photo to it.  Readjusted color tone of photo with color adjustment filter, duplicated photo and set to Hard Light Blend mode to help sharpen it a bit.  Added frame as well as several transfers, for the heart ribbon I used the color adjustment filter to have it fit the color scheme a bit better….

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Welcome to My Home

Everything by Anna Aspnes
FotoInspired Double Template No 54
Artplay Home
ArtsyKardz Home
4X6 ArtsyKartz Home
Home No 1
Welcome to my home!  A place where I find peace and comfort after a long busy day at work.   My house is on a corner lot and has lots of space for the grandkids to play in.  The flowers are from my backyard and come into bloom each Spring, the buds are already starting to shoot up.
When you come in the front door the first thing you see is my dining room, hang a left and there you have the living space.  The kitchen is one of my favorite areas, it’s big enough to accommodate our big family during various gatherings.  It seems like everyone is always congregated around the island and partaking of the food that is usually set on it. 
Of course I had to have a picture of my coffee pot to show you, it is one of my must haves in the morning, it gets me going and ready to face the day.  The entertainment center dominates the family room and holds some of my favorite collections, angels, books and family pictures.  I’ve included a picture of the chair I sit in to watch TV and to create my layouts.  The photo of the backyard is what I see as I sit in my chair, of course I had to include my beloved laptop, where all things good are created.  My husband asked me just last night, “If your laptop and me were sinking to the bottom of a lake, which would you save?’  I told him, you of course, I can always replace my laptop, but you are irreplaceable.”  He said “Good Answer!”



Friday, March 7, 2014


Size doesn't define a home ;>)

Everything by Anna Aspnes

Artplay Home
Framed Foto Blendz1
Home Wordart 1
Artplay Wish (Bird)
Artplay Bask (edge)

Process: I love this picture I’ve had in my flower folder for a while and just had to use it with this kit.  I started with the white paper background, added the photo blendz and clipped the photo to it.  Love the look it achieved.  Added the wood texture overlay to give it some textural interest.  Added the branch and the bird along with some swirls here and there.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Capri 2011

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Go Retro
Artsy Layered Template No 136
Coming Soon

Sunday, March 2, 2014

James Dean

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Go Retro
ArtPlay Bask (Stroke)
FotoBlendz Overlay 6

Process:  Pick background of your choice add fotoblendz Overlay, place photo and clip to overlay.  For OOB (out of bounds) you will need 2 copies of your photo, extract your subject.   Copy one clip to photo frame, place extracted photo over the photo frame.  Link all layers together in case you want to move them around.  Once you have placed your frame and OOB photo where you want them unlink the extracted photo.  I used one of the transfers and enlarged it to fit over the extracted photo, clip to photo, use overlay mode and reduce opacity.  Since the background had lots of pastel shades I wanted my extraction to fit in….thought it created a “retro” effect…..Thanks for looking.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Here Comes the Sun

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Go Retro
Retro Glows1
Road Trip Wordart 1
ArtPlay Bask (Edge Overlay)
LoopDaLoop ArtStrokes No 5
WaterColor FotoBlendz No 1

Process: Started with Go Retro paper #3 – added Water Color Foto Blendz 3,  increased the size and moved it around to fit area I wanted to highlight with my photo.  Clipped photo to foto blendz, tweaked mask again to make sure the area of the photo I wanted to highlight was placed just so.  Next I added a black and white gradient filter with an opacity of 41% clipped it to my photo to tone down all the oranges and better fit the colors in the paper.  Added wordart and used blend mode “soft light”.  Used the Retro Glow with a hard light blend mode, decreased size,   Added the loopdaloop duplicated it to make it darker, added button with gradient filter to change color tone of button.   Added the edge overlay to finish off the layout.