Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Wish

I've discovered a new designer that I just love By Becca, here is a kit she created for Christmas that is so feminine dainty.....along with the layout I created with it.  It's available at Enchanted Studio....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heart and Home

Southern Creek Designs has released a kit that feels like home with it's warmth and heart....get it here.


Layout I created using the tutorial I wrote for bright eyes....I wanted to experiment with levels and blending, this is what

Glitzy Christmas by Cara Mia Designz
Wordart on side from Stroll kit by Dee Bee Designs
Christmas Wordart (believe) by Vera Lim
Photo from deviate art


Merry Merry by Irene Alexeeva
Amazing Snowland by Irene Alexeeva
Playing with WA6 by Natali Designs
Photo by chantal Adams

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bright Eyes Tutorial

Bright Eyes


Tutorial for Bright Eye Effect

Instructions for PSPXI (can be adapted to CS3)

I chose a picture that the eyes were the focal point, this is the facial feature I wanted to capture and make pop out from the page.

1. Create a New Image: Go to File > New
2. Flood Fill new image with white
3. Copy and Paste Photo onto new Image / arrange where you want the photo
4. Go to Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > Levels

Threshold 68/137  (each photo will require a different setting.  Play with the settings to achieve the desired effect.)

What I wanted to achieve is to lighten the photo enough for the edges to blend into the background. In order to help it just blend into the background I used my magic wand with a feather ratio of 10 to select the area I wanted to get rid of.
5. Select and delete area you want to erase with your magic wand. There may be some little areas left to clean up use your eraser tool to clean it up some.

6. Finally to make it pop even more on your photo layer, duplicate layer and use blend mode hardlight. It really makes this particular picture just pop right out of the page….

I wanted to thank the ladies over at DST that answered my question on how to get this effect, some of their answers sent me in this direction to play with the settings….Never hesitate to play around with your settings, you may come up with some really unique effects.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Midnight Blue

I love this kit by Armina, blue and yellow one of the most striking color combinations there is.  Right now it's on sale for 50% off, go get it while you can at this price.....good through Nov.8th

Here are a couple of layouts I created with it......did I say this was an awesome kit to use.....;>)

Credits for Reflection:

Midnight Blue by Armina Designs
Template #14 by Armina Designs
Wordart by Viva
Alpha by Anita Stergiou
Ribbon by Artist Guild

Credits for Hydrangia:
Midnight Blue by Armina Designs

Mask by vinnie Pearce
Brush by Vinnie Pearce

Sunday, November 1, 2009


November Guild kit "This one's for the Birds" available with a membership only....check it out HERE
Free Template Zora Here


It always amazes me how siblings that share the same mother and father turn out so different.
Aaron, who is the eldest, is the protector. He makes sure they are not hurt by others, but of
course if he wants to give them a bad time that's okay. Kaitlyn is the middle child, filled with
loads of energy, and is little miss social diva, definately a girly girly. She also is the instigator
and loves to get Aaron in trouble. Sydney, the baby of the group is pretty content playing
on her own and when someone interrupts her can throw quite the fit! She is one that can de-
fend herself no problem. I have to say that as different as they are personality wise, they do
have a special bond that no one can take away from them.

Girls just wanna have fun

November Guild kit "This one's for the Birds" available with a membership only....check it out HERE

Picture taken by bouncingpelican


My granddaughter Sydney not too happy posing for Oma. Her mother brought the kids over this afternoon so I could see them in their costumes....they looked so cute, but my darling little Sydney was grouchy because she was woke up from her nap. She didn't want to put on her costume or the batwings.....I did manage to get a few pics. Hoping Mom gets some good ones tonight to send me.

I used Sine's halloween masks, if you visit her blog you can pick them up for free....
Sine's Blog

Spooky Hour Quick Pages by Irene Alexeeva available at Scrap Orchard. Made the layout just come together easy peasy....
Spooky Hour Quick Pages