Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bright Eyes Tutorial

Bright Eyes


Tutorial for Bright Eye Effect

Instructions for PSPXI (can be adapted to CS3)

I chose a picture that the eyes were the focal point, this is the facial feature I wanted to capture and make pop out from the page.

1. Create a New Image: Go to File > New
2. Flood Fill new image with white
3. Copy and Paste Photo onto new Image / arrange where you want the photo
4. Go to Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > Levels

Threshold 68/137  (each photo will require a different setting.  Play with the settings to achieve the desired effect.)

What I wanted to achieve is to lighten the photo enough for the edges to blend into the background. In order to help it just blend into the background I used my magic wand with a feather ratio of 10 to select the area I wanted to get rid of.
5. Select and delete area you want to erase with your magic wand. There may be some little areas left to clean up use your eraser tool to clean it up some.

6. Finally to make it pop even more on your photo layer, duplicate layer and use blend mode hardlight. It really makes this particular picture just pop right out of the page….

I wanted to thank the ladies over at DST that answered my question on how to get this effect, some of their answers sent me in this direction to play with the settings….Never hesitate to play around with your settings, you may come up with some really unique effects.


Sabina said...

I love it and will copy it. Since I saw it, I wonder if you know how to make eyes LARGER? I am sure you know something. My eyes are always so small when I laugh, lol.
Hugs, love ya. You really are smart.

Kasandra Mathieson said...

Gorgeous effect...will have to try this as well!!!