Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Think outside of the box

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Embrace Me
Embrace Me 6X6 Artsy Kardz
12X12 Page FotoBlendz No.  6
12X12 Edge Overlay No. 5

Process:  Placed mask where I wanted the background to be grounded.  Did a partial extraction of my photo, used vibrant filter to bring out the red a bit more on my model.  Clipped 6X6 Artsy Kardz to mask added my extracted picture, started playing with elements to see what looked best.  Whaa laaaa finished layout.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Everything by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Embrace Me
Self WordArt 2
Script Tease Life Overlay No 2
Watercolor Punctuation Marks No 1

Rock this World

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Embrace Me
Self WordArt 2
Script Tease Life Overlay No 2
Foto Wallets No 3

Process:  I started out with extracting my grand-daughter, used the threshold adjustment to get a good black and white image 2X, once to get detail and another time to get a good edge, proceeded to take out all the white by using –select color range / selected white and deleted.  Add white border using the stroke function – masked out image brushed out all white in center.  Added transfers and elements to add interest to edges.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Anna Challenge - Upside Down

Anna Challenge - Upside Down

My granddaughter Sydney, always needing to do something.  After my daughter’s baby shower we were all just sitting there, totally wiped out, not Sydney, she twisted herself in the chair and declared she was bored.  If I only had the energy she has!

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Happy Life
ArtPlay Joyful (splatter)
ArtPlay Bask (Edge)
ArtPlay Harvest (Splatter)
Loop DaLoop Art Strokes 5
Artsy Kardz Happy Life (various elements)
Coming Soon


Saturday, February 15, 2014


I don't normally do dark backgrounds, but I love the contrast against the pink photos.

Everything Anna Aspnes

Artsy Layered Template No. 133
ArtPlay Socialize
ArtPlay Happy Life
Artsy Edge Overlay No. 9
Wish WordArt 1


Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Happy Life
Multi Media Balloons
Distressed 12 X 12 Edge Overlay 5
ArtPlay Crush (Staples)
Water Color Foto Blendz 1

Process: Duplicated photo, changed copy to black and white / masked it and brushed out the bow area to bring out the pink color of the bow.  I added a layer and painted on a little color on the cheeks.  Clipped photo to FotoBlendz.  Used various layers from the multimedia balloons to add brush work.  Finished off with another layer to paint a little color into the brushwork flowers.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Up up

Oh, oh, oh!  Let's go fly a kite Up to the highest height! Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring Up through the atmosphere Up where the air is clear Oh, let's go fly a kite!

Okay it’s not a kite, but balloons fly and go up too ;>)


Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Happy Life
Multi Media Balloons No. 1

Process:  extracted the photo of my granddaughter, added it to the background, attached balloon so that it looks like she is holding it.  Added text and framed it.  Since this is all about the “up” I added a few text “up”, using overlay blend mode on the back ones.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Inspired by Anna’s watercolor tutorial, loved working through it.  If you get a chance check it out here. Can’t wait until part 2 arrives.

Everything by Anna Aspnes

Artsy Kardz 6 X 6 Joyful
In the store tomorrow
ArtPlay – Joyful
Fotoglows No. 5

Process: I started with the photo of my granddaughter and followed Anna’s watercolor tutorial.  I copied the 3 photos to make it pop some more and reduced the opacity of the second copy a bit.  I added the   6 X6 Artsy Kardz paper for the background.  Added a frame, some brushes on some of the edges and finished off with the fotoglow and wordart.  I was playing with adding some elements, but thought it took away from the page.   I just love how this turned out.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


It's not always easy being a princess.  This is one of my granddaughters friends at her birthday princess party.

Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Socialize (crown)
ArtPlay Blossom (rose)
ArtPlay Wish (background and transfers)
ArtPlay Forester (leaves)
Month in Review Template #25


Saturday, February 8, 2014


This is Emma Sage, the daughter of an online friend.

Everything Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Joyful
multimedia Branches 2
ArtPlay Viaggo (birds)

Erternally Yours

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Enamored
ForoBlendz Overlay 6
ArtPlay Loved (background paper)

Just Me

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Joy
MulitMedia Branches 2
Hipster Plumes 31
Doily Edge Overlays1

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eye of the beholder

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Enamored
Artsy Edge Frames 1
ArtPlay Wish (Dot Overlay)


Everything by Anna Aspnes

 Foto Inspired Double Template #49 (used only frame and text box)
Art Play Destiny
Love Word Art 4
Artsy Edge Frames #1 (used overlay blend mode on photo edge)
Artsy Kardz Destiny 4X6 (parts of overlay and textures)
Artsy Kardz Destiny 6X6 (parts of overlay and textures)


Sunday, February 2, 2014


Everything by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Snap Shot


One of the MANY pictures taken on our vacation to Ireland and Scotland this year.

ArtPlay Serenity
ArtPlay Viaggio Brush set
ArtPlay Imagination
ArtPlay Christmas tree brush
FotoBlendz Overlay #6
Doily Edge Overlay #1

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Favorite Gift

Everything by Anna Aspens

Foto Inspired Template #11
Main kit used: ArtPlay Vintage Halloween

Little bits of transfers / papers
ArtPlay Harvest
ArtPlay Poppy
ArtPlay Barren Sunshine
Different Strokes 9
ArtPlay Bask
ArtPlay Ablaze


My granddaughter Kaitlyn a few years back.


Everything Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay – Destiny
ArtistEdge Overlay 9
FotoBlendz Overlay 6
Edge Overlay #5
Pictorial Music Notes 1

I love the color in my picture and wanted to keep the color as is, so I recolored the Destiny overlay by using Hue and Saturation mode.  Don’t be afraid to change colors or use the blend modes available in your program.  Go and create outside the box.