Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time Warp

Challenge #4 - Medieval Armours
Starter image with thanks, from BF Hoyt
Various gears, clock works, steampunk items from the following sources:
Before the first snow by Lorie Davison
Prince in the city by Lorie Davison
Steampunk metal and stone mask by diarment
Steampunk Monocle by Lady Wof Star
Steampunk Clock by Rafa Maya
Blown away by Finecrafted Designs

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Flickr Challenge #3 - Wedding Cake

Starter image with thanks to cliff1066™
Natural Elegance (rose) by Rosey Posey
Falling Leaves and Tea by Lorie Davison
Under the Dappled Shadows by Lorie Davison
Carneval (curtains and candle) by Studio Mix
Let them eat cake photo from internet
Let Them Eat Cake (crown) by Irene Alexeeva

Stairway to Heaven

Flickr Challenge #2 Stairs
Before the first snow(background paper and textures) by Lori Davidson
Flitting Fall Fairies (background paper)by Lori Davidson
Secret Garden (water fall)by Lilly Designs
1001 nights (yellow light overlay) by NLD
Angel in clouds by Drazenka-Kimpel


Challenge #1 Beachside at Flickr groups Make it Interesting

Make It Interesting ~ Challenge #1
Starter image with thanks to Puroticorico
Summer at the Lake (Canoe and fishing pole) by Studio Manu
Boy (my son, extracted from another image)
Stock exchange photo, Dawn in Mauritius-Curzie-1314391_36676061
Lighthouse image by Shirokazan
Lifes a Beach (crab and pillers) by Cryztal Rain


Challenge #4 Morning Fog at Flickr group Make It Interesting,
Starter image with thanks, from Ingrid Taylar
Kingdom of Ice (moon) by Feli Designs
Greymouse Manor Winter Ball (Castle) by Lori Davison
Romeo and Juliet (Sword) by Pink Lotty Designs
Longing for Past Days (various foliage, crow, bagage) by Eenas Creations

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Courage to rise from the ashes

Courage to let the past burn away and rise up from the ashes to a new be reborn....

Birth of the Phoenix by Eenas Creations
Magic Ice Kingdom (swirls)by Eenas Creations
VooDoo HooDoo (gold swirls) by Finecrafted Designs
Stock Photo by Aurora Dreams
Hair Brush by ~trisste-brushes at deviatart

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Icy and Frosty

Icy and Frosty by Studio Manu available at Scrapbookgraphics