Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Road Less Traveled

Sometimes the fear of the unknown has us paralyzed and unable to choose the path we must follow.  The path to the right many have taken, it’s known, it’s easy, it’s safe and we know what awaits us at the end of it.   But is it really the best for us, does it allow us to explore to grow?  The left has not been taken by many, we struggle to go through the overgrowth, we stumble and fall, but we find that the end result we have grown, we have grown stronger and because of that we know what we want and who we are.

Which road would you choose?????

Everything by Anna Aspnes
Artplay Autumn Soul
Urban Stitchez Leaves 1
Artplay Joyful (Splatter)
Artplay Across the Miles (Splatter)
Artplay Vintage Halloween (transfer)
Artplay Harvest (Button, transfer, Brush)
Artplay Thnkful Heart (brush)
Distressed Frames 2 (resized)
Stained Edge Overlays 2
LoopDeLoop Art Strokes 5
Urban Stitchez 8
Melange Foto Blendz 1

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