Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Sunset

AnnaLIFT 8.30.14 - 9.5.14
Thank you Ikdavis for the wonderful inspiration piece.

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Wonderful
Watercolor FotoBlendz 3
FotoBlendz Overlays 5
ArtPlay Beach (Sand2 overlay)
Distressed Frames 2
Urban Stitchez 2
Warm Glows 3
SeaSprinklez 1
MultiMedia Christmas Trees 2 (used splatter)
Artplay Bask (edge overlay)

Process:  Chose paper from Artplay wonderful, placed photo were I wanted it and clipped to fotoBlendez Overlay 5, I  attached a mask and used a brush to soften the edges on the right.  Duplicate photo and place under fotoblendez, under photo place Water color foto blendez 3, play with it so it overlaps the original fotoblendez used.  Duplicate photo one more time, place under second fotoblendez, under photo use photoblendez 3 for the second time, adjust by narrowing and move towards the right side to overlap original fotoblendez change opacity to about 16%.  Added distressed frame and narrowed it to become rectangle.  Added various elements, such as WarmGlow to enhance the sunset – changed to overlay mode with 54% opacity.  Added the shells and toned them down to fit the muted tones by using gradient adjustment layer and lowering the opacity to about 12%.  Rest of elements and transfers used as is or lowered opacity a bit.

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