Friday, January 1, 2010

My Journey

January Guild Kit_Time in a bottle

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The last few years I haven't made any resolutions, well because I
never keep them! This year I read a muse that Ro from Scrapgirl put
out and it so touched my soul. Some of the words are hers and some
are mine. This year I felt I needed direction after the last year
of feeling I just floated from day to day and had no purpose. So
my goal for this year, is to find purpose, to search out what God
wants for me. Thank you Ro for the inspiration.

I won't worry how long my journey will take.
I vow to just start it now. I will step out
in faith believing that my Heavenly Father
doesn't make mistakes. I AM not a mistake, I
am His beloved child and He wants me to be happy.
I will try to find my lost self, to be what He
made me to be. To find purpose in life and not
just drift from day to day. Today I begin my
journey and will find myself at the end of that

I just found out that this layout made the GSO at DST, I'm so thrilled, not only because it made the GSO, but because someone else was touched by what I wrote.  Thank you Kathi, may you have a blessed 2010...

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