Saturday, January 23, 2010

Favorite Time of the Day wk4

I used the prompt for week 4, what is your favorite time of the day.....

The only time I have alone time and quiet is
early in the morning. I get up extra early
each day so I can enjoy the peace and quiet.
Once everyone is up it’s nonstop noise until
I go to bed at night. I use the quiet time to
enjoy a couple cups of coffee, catch up on
the scrap boards or just enjoy a good book.

One particular morning my peace was interrupted
by my loving husband. You see as soon as he
gets up the whole house knows it, as soon as
his feet hit the floor he’s singing or yelling to
me from the bedroom, wishing me a good
morning. Oooooh my ears, please have mercy
on my poor ears, do you have to talk so loud,
it’s too early.….I tried to finish my layout and
all I could hear was this constant chatter in my
ear, “oh Schweety woman, I’m talking to you”,
why aren’t you talkin to me, Schweety woman,
I love you, Schweety woman……

“Honey you know I need quiet in the morning,
I love you too….now just a few more minutes
“But Schweety woman I want to talk to you,”
“Phoenix, (our dog) mom doesn’t want to talk
to me.” “Phoenix talk to me….”

As you may have guessed I couldn’t resist
anymore and busted out laughing….he is
such a vital part to my well being, to my
happiness, he makes me smile, he can
interrupt my quiet anytime….

Parcel 4 by Studio Tangie and Amanda Sexton
Java Junkie by Windsong Designs
I love you mask by Studio Berna
Blossom and Grow Guild kit

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