Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Acceptance wk3

I changed this layout a zillion times! I just wasn't happy with anything it just wasn't showing in visuals what I wanted to convey. I decided the simpler the better and ended up with this page....I LOVE how it turned out. Basically it says that in order to be able to accept I needed to let go of the past. The water (which always symbolized cleaning, refreshing etc.) is exactly what I'm portraying here....a cleansing so to speak of things that I just wouldn't let go.....I can move on now....;>)

Before the first snow by Lori Davidson
Flitting Fall Fairies by Lori Davidson
Secret Garden by Lilly Designs
1001 nights by NLD
Petit Paris by Irene Alexeeva
Trashed alpha by Birgit kerr

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