Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Turning 4

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Cultivate
ArtsyKardz Cultivate 4X6
Painted Numbers 1
Watercolor Flowers 1

Process:  choose my photo and selected the background I thought would fit perfectly with it.  I added my photo and moved it around to where I wanted to place it, used one of the transfers as a clipping mask.  Since I wanted to say something about her being four I added Anna’s Painted Numbers, filled with a color.  It needed some depth so I duplicated the layer and filled with a darker color.  I masked out (erased) some of the dark areas leaving only some of the edges dark.  I duplicated the layer again and erased (masked) out all the numbers but the four, filled it with some of the transfers to get soft color on it.  I then added under the clipping mask of the photo a soft watercolor flower to extend the flower on Sydney’s shirt.  It still needed some stuff so I added under the background area a blending mask as well as a solid color paper.  Clipping the top paper to the blending mask, this added some grunge to it.  Finishing it off I added bits and pieces from the ArtsyKardz and the word “turning” on the number 4.  I think I can call it done ;>)

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