Monday, May 26, 2014

Remember our Military

Memorial Day - remember our military, those fallen and those still out there in harms way.....Thank you for all you do to keep our country free.

Distressed Edges

Photos from the internet.

Process:  I used the cemetery picture as my background, added the flag and enlarged it to cover my page, added a mask to it and used the gradient brush to fade out half of the image.  Added the soldier attached a mask in black mode, used soft brush to bring in the part of the soldier I wanted.  Added gradient map color to tone down the colors - create a composite sthe top layer then press your control +shift +Alt + E.  This will merge your layers on a new layer, but keep individual layers below it. - I then used the rendering spotlight filter to highlight the soldier.  I added another gradient map to tone it down and also lowered the saturation a bit.  Finished off with wordart and distressed edge.

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