Friday, September 9, 2011

Crafts, a daughters perspective

My daughter just started blogging in a semi private blog called Beads and Bobbins. On it she shares her everyday life in Morocco as well as thoughts for the day. I have so enjoyed reading it and get a kick out of seeing her perspective of things she felt or saw as a child growing up. This is one of the stories she shared and I wanted to scrap it.

Ever since I can remember my mom ALWAYS had a craft project she was working on. She crocheted, drew, embroidered, and I’m sure much more things that are not coming to mind right now, but my favorite, and in my opinion, most talented artsy thing my mom did was paint. I remember her dragging me to Frony’s (a craft store in Visalia) every so often to get supplies or take a painting class, gosh I hated going there… it was soooo boring where 5 minutes felt like 5 hours! But isn’t it like that for all kiddos at that age, if you’re not in Toys R Us, then it’s not fun.

I would just sit at the dinner table and watch my mom paint and paint for hours. All the bottles of paint scattered about, her clay pot holding all her precious paint brushes at attention just begging for her to use them, and lets not forget the dish where she swooshed and swooshed her brush around to clean off the colorful paint, all of this fascinated me. I do have to admit on occasion I was envious of my mother when she washed off her paint brushes. Swooshing just looked like so much fun. She did however let me swoosh every now and then. Thanks Mom!

Once in a while I would get a impulse to be creative with my mom. She would find a simple project for us to do together and she would teach me how to paint. Mostly I would just do the base coat of something and she would do all the details. I remember one year for Christmas, my mom and I made Christmas Bear ornaments for all my Aunts. My attention span didn’t last very long, but at least part of it was from me. *smile*

I have two hobbies I enjoy, well, three, but I don’t think watching movies would be well categorized under “Beads and Bobbins”.

Beads, beads, beads… I make jewelry. I love assembling them together and accessorizing to make something dull and boring turn into something pretty and sparkly.

The latest craft I’ve come to fully enjoy is sewing. My first project was a lap quilt which I would consider a success since it hasn’t come apart… yet. My sewing skills are still VERY basic and have mountains to learn, but I have a yearning to one day learn to sew handbags. We’ll see. In the craft world, there are endless possibilities! I LOVE CRAFTING!!!

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