Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ice Cream

Everything by Anna Aspnes

ArtPlay Pallet Summery
Summer Wordart4
MultiMedia Suns1
FotoBlendz WaterColor1

Process:  Started with Summery Artsy Paper4 for my background.  Added FotoBlendz Watercolor1 as a base, duplicated it and turned it a bit to cover the straight edge and merged the two.  Clipped my photo to it. I wanted to create a bit of a border around the blended photo, so I duplicated the FotoBlendz with the photo and placed it below the original.  On the bottom FB I used the blend mode Color Dodge, which made it white, I enlarged it a bit and it created a great border.   I added the Summery Edge Overlay and used a gradient Overlay, I wanted a stronger effect so I duplicated the layer. I then added various elements, overlays ,strokes to finish this up.

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