Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day and Night pg10

I'm so mad at myself, after I reduced the layout for web upload I felt the shadows were a bit heavy and needed to be lightened a bit, I realized the changes I made on the original document didn't get saved so I lost all the changes I made.  I will have to reconstuct the layout and fix the shadows on the hands. I will redo all this later, but wanted to get this uploaded so you can read the continuation of the story.

What if there was ONE who could help.
What if ...
There was a chance for happiness!  He felt Days'
tears as they fell on his face, he felt
her pain, her sorrow and her loneliness.  
Wanting to ease it, but unable to
Completely undo the curse, HE
Was able to allow Day and Night
To meet and touch for only a few
Minutes each day.

Background Papers
Art by January - strange papers
Finger Nail
MY own

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