Monday, August 22, 2011

Interview with Kaitlyn

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Anna Aspnes project 2011 free template #8
Anna wanted us to journal using the subjects perspective of the event This is my granddaughter Kaitlyn playing her first soccer game.

Journaling (interview)

Kaitlyn can you answer some questions
about playing soccer?
Okay Oma, but I don't remember my first game
that was when I was little. (two years ago)

That's okay sweety, I'll just ask you about
playing soccer now.

What is it you like the most about soccer
Kicking the ball and running.

Who is your favorite coach
Coach Jim

Who is your favorite teammate

What is your least favorite thing about soccer

Who are the best players on the team
Me and Katie....well Ava is really good too.

Anything else you want to say about soccer
My goal is to play on the USA soccer team

Kaitlyn without a doubt you can do whatever
you set your mind to Oma...Aug. 2011

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twinsmomflor said...

Oh my Fran. I have to make one too. Fabulous page and the journaling is adorable... Love it!!!