Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've Come a Long Way Baby

April/May 2010 timeframe I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I decided it was time to take a new look at my past tries of loosing weight, each time I wanted to loose it as fast as I could and get down to a normel weight.  I was always able to take off weight, but couldn't continue at some point to keep it off or just gave up and went right back to binge eating.

This time I decided to change just a few things and slowly the weight start coming off, I was okay with that because my ultimate goal was to get to my goal and keep it off.  How am I doing it, PORTION CONTROL and a few little modifications.  Such as when I have a sandwich (which isn't often) no mayo no cheese and I use the new 100 calorie bread that is out there.   I also substitued carrots instead eating potato chips, I still get the crunchy sensation I wanted and am quite satisfied with it.  For breakfast I usually have yogurt and cereal and once in awhile I have a pancake with apple sauce instead of syrup.  Lunch is a lean cruisine type TV dinner with carrots or a cup of salad.  Dinner is whatever DH fixes just watch my portion.....

I have to admit along the way I did not exercise and so regret that because now I have loose skin that is not so pretty.  Right after Christmas I decided that exercise just had to be a part of my change, not only to firm up but also to be as healthy as I can be......like the dieting I'm slooooowly incorporating it into my life.  The cold weather and lazy Winter days have made it hard, but I'm determined to make it a habit.....

So without further ado here is a layout showing the change in my face from loosing almost 58 lbs.
Punched Petals Vol2 by Buttercup Designs
Freakazoid The Collection by Flergs

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