Sunday, October 17, 2010

God are YOU listening

Yesterday was not a good day for me, everything seemed to come crashing down at one time.
I cryed and prayed most of the day for some release of my tension, stress and disappoints.
Like must people, when things just aren't going right my first gut reaction is to question whether God
really is listening! I know He is, but just for a little while it seemed like I was
all alone and sort of was feeling sorry for myself. I can report that today was a much better day,
but I felt the need to scrap my cry for help, thus this layout was born. I think if I balanced my life
a bit better it wouldn't all come crashing down on me all at one time...
This is dedicated to ALL of you that go through those difficult times and just can't seem to take it
another minute.

God are you listening?
Do You really care!
I cry out, but no one is
there I’m feeling so
abandoned. I know that
You promised You wouldn’t
give us anything we
couldn’t handle, well God.
I’m there! I can’t handle
anymore. I’m wore out
and broken.
God are you listening,
Do You really care!
It’s me Fran, I need You!
I lay broken before You!
Crying out for Your mercy,
Your love. I need to feel
Your presence once more!
God are you listening, do
You really care!
It’s me Fran,
God You are listening!

Glass Negative by Cristina Renee
Stark Raven by Veronica Spriggs
Awaken by Birgit Kerr
Femme by Birgit Kerr
Texture Brush Set2 by Amanda Rockwell
The poets keepsakes by Lorie Davison
Photo from iStock

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