Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Challenge Coming

Today I am here to tell you all about our new Blog Challenge, Studio Sparks – Let Us Ignite Your Creativity. We are so excited to be here to help you get some scrapping done, especially on those occasions when your mojo seems to have left the building.
SO, how will this work you ask? It couldn’t be easier! Every other week we will post a challenge here on the blog, sometimes it will be a template, or maybe a quote to get you going or a journaling prompt, or something totally out of the ordinary! You just never know what kind of challenge we will be bringing you! When you complete a page for the blog challenge and link us up in the comments you will be entered to win a coupon to The Designer of the Week’s store.

Then on the opposite weeks, we will be spotlighting the forum challenges, and posting some of the layouts we have seen created for those and the blog challenges. Each week I will post the rules and what you could win. The best thing with this is that not only do you have a chance to win in the forum on those challenges, but each layout you complete for that week and post in the blog comments along with posting in the forum, will get you another way to win! How awesome is that?

Mark your calendars and be sure to stop by next Friday when we will have the very first Studio Sparks Challenge posted! Can’t wait!

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