Friday, July 16, 2010

When we meet again

I believe that life begins at conception, so when I lost my
precious bundle 28 years ago I felt such an enormous loss.

This is for all those mothers who lost a little one and
wonders who they could have become and what life would
have been like to have them a part of your family.

Until we meet again I want you to know
how much you were loved. Your father,
big sister and I loved you from the
moment we found out that you would be.
When the Lord in His infinate wisdom
took you to be with Him, we grieved for
our loss here on earth. But we knew in
our hearts we would one day get to meet
I wonder now and then what you would
have accomplished here on earth, who
you would have blessed with your presence
and what lives you would have changed!
So sweety when we meet again know that
my arms will be the first to enfold you
as I whisper, I love you forever and always!

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