Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Sketch Challenge

Hi! Lady Fran here with one of my most favorite challenges! I just love using templates! I love having a starting point for a layout and I really love to change them. So, for this month, I made you a template based off a recent layout of mine and I would love to see you change it up and either add or take away some of it to make it your own!  Go to the CHALLENGE FORUM to pick up your free template.

here's the layout sample.

Remember you can use any kit you want to in this challenge, but if you are looking for a kewl kit to use Netta’s Beachside kit is currently on sale for this month only at @ 40% off the regular price, go to the challenge gallery to pick up your coupon and get it on sale.

Once you've created your layout uploaded it to the CHALLENGE GALLERY, then come back here and post the link to your layout so we can all take a peek at it....you must post your layout link here in order to receive your posting gift.

Please post your layout by June 30th and you will receive this FREE posting gift, a lovely QP made with the Beachside kit. This will no longer be available as a posting bonus on July 1st.

Have fun with it!

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