Sunday, September 13, 2009

Favorite Toy

Everyone has a favorite toy growing up, mine was my Barbie Doll.

Journeling reads:

My most memorable toy growing up was
my Barbie doll. I had a second cousin that
had this big collection of Barbie dolls, every
time I went over there I must have drooled
over them because I always ended up play-
ing with them. She had a carry case for her
Barbie, plus every outfit imaginable with
little hangers for them as well as special
drawers to put all of her accessories in
(shoes, purses, etc.).

Well for one of my birthdays (I think my
10th), they surprised me with her whole
collection of Barbies with every thing that
went with them. OMG I was in Barbie
heaven, I couldn’t have received another
present that meant as much to me.

This gift changed my life, I learned to sew
and crotchet, because I wanted to make my
Barbie clothes. I remember my grandma
used to give me all her old hankies
(the fancy ones), so I could use them to
make clothes for my Barbie. I even remember
getting in trouble because of my Barbie, I
had cut-up one of my bed sheets to have
material for clothes, not a good thing.

Even now as I walk through the doll isle
at the toy stores I get all nostalgic thinking
of my favorite toy of all time, Barbie!

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